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Welcome to the website of the association Ginga Mundo Marseille. The association aims to develop the Afro-Brazilian culture, in Marseille (France), through various practices such as Capoeira, Maculele and Samba de Roda.

For over ten years, professor Hulk has been developing Capoeira in Marseille and its region. He gives Capoeira lessons adapted to all levels and all ages in Marseille, Vitrolles, Trets and Brignoles.

The social dimension of his work is important. His first actions to develop Capoeira took place in sensitive neighbourhoods. In 2017, he started running workshops called "Parkinson and Capoeira" to help people with Parkinson's disease. Those workshops are done in partnership with the center DHUNE.

In 2009, Hulk got in touch with Ginga Mundo and Mestre Sabiá whom he became a student.


Capoeira was created at the time of slavery by Afro-Brazilian slaves in the 17th century. It's a martial art, a dance, a philosophy, a game but also and above all, a multitude of things. It is a complete physical activity which remains within the reach of all because everyone can get their share, whether athlete, musician or singer...

Dias Gomes (playwright) made the best description:

Capoeira is the fight of dancers. It is the dance of gladiators. It is a duel between comrades. It is game, it is dance, it is dispute – a perfect symbiosis of force and rhythm, poetry and agility. Unique in that the movements are dictated by the music and the singing. The submission of strength to rhythm. Of violence to melody. The sublimation of antagonisms.

In Capoeira the contenders are not adversaries, they are ‘camaradas’. They do not fight, they pretend to fight. They seek – cheerfully – to give an artistic visage to combat. On top of the spirit of competition, there is a felling of beauty.

The Capoeirista is an artist and an athlete, a competitor and a poet.

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